Fly-In Canoe Trips  North of Red Lake, Ontario Canada

     with Loon Haunt Outfitters

    Searching for a fly in Canoe trip in Ontario Canada where you can catch plenty of Walleye and Northern Pike?
    Welcome to Loon Haunt Outfitter's fly-in canoeing page!  A quick overview of what we offer so as not to waste your time.  We offer fly in trips only, primarily on the Berens River and its tributary the Throat River and its tributaries.  We do not fly into Woodland Caribou park or Atikaki park (we believe we have a better location to offer). We do not offer any services to people who want to drive in.  We meet you at our Red Lake base, then we fly you in about 75 miles.

    Canoeing Madden

    From our base we fly you into a lake where we supply:
        • canoes
        • paddles
        • tents
        • route maps
        • 2 way radio

        You Supply:

        • All your camping gear (except tent)
        • Your own food
        • Your own sleeping bags
        • Your own personal flotation device (life jacket)
        • Your own packsack

    After a week of great river canoeing and fishing we pick you up, usually at a location downstream from your drop-off point and return you to our base at Red Lake.

Rates 2018

including all mentioned above plus fly in and fly out

    Seven day package Friday morning to Friday morning
    (no takehome fish)........$895US/person plus taxes (13%)
    Deposit.................$200 US/person


    What kind of fish will we catch and how good is the fishing?
    You will catch hundreds of Walleye and Northern Pike.  Yes, you will see some really big ones.  Remember to handle them gently and return them to the water very quickly, we want them to grow and lay more eggs.  A simple rule of thumb.  The big ones are always females.

    Can we bring our own canoes?
    We have found that if you bring your own canoe the trip will be more expensive.  Transporting your own canoe entails an extra trip for the aircraft or using a much larger aircraft and hence additional cost to you.   Check out our competition, we believe we have put together a package that will give you maximum value for your vacation dollar.

    Can we take fish home with us?
    Sorry, we have to give you a straight NO on this one.   If taking fish home is important to you, do not despair, there are plenty of operators out there who offer such a package, we simply do not.

    How far do we paddle?
    That's an easy one.  It is simply up to you.  We can set up trips where you paddle a lot or we can pick you up at the same place we dropped you off.

    What kind of canoes do you have?
    We use 17 foot Grumman and Alumacraft canoes.  Yes, the paddles are included.

    What wildlife will we see?
    You will see Beaver, assorted Ducks, many Loons and Great Blue Herons.
    You will probably be seen by  Moose, Caribou, Otters and Wolves.
    The best time to photograph wildlife is 5-10 A.M.

    Can we see a map of the river system we will canoe?
    Yes, Please click here (Slow to load)    Canoe Map

    Can we see some more detailed information and maps?
    Yes please follow link
    The 2018 information will be available in April of 2018

    Fly out
                                    canoe trips
    Bill's Northern Pike
    Canoeing Willis Lake
    Northern Pike Willis Lake

    Fly in canoe trips include

    Willis Lake campsite.

    To see pictures of intrepid canoeists please click here.

    A message from our most regular group.


    Having just completed our fourth annual fly-in canoe trip, I think this trip was the best one yet! Year after year, several months before our trip, we all begin counting the days. It's terrific how every year seems to exceed our expectations.

    Bill, we sure appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. I've heard stories from friends about fishing guides who are disorganized and unreliable. With you, we can say just the opposite. You are very deliberate about the way you run your business. We particularly appreciate your attention to detail and the fact that you never compromise safety.

    Thanks again for ensuring a terrific week, year after year. See you next summer.

    Best regards,


    Ben C. Kalny
    Sales and Marketing Manager
    EPIQ Systems, Inc.


    How To Reach Us

    By car. leave the United States at International Falls, Minnesota. Take highway 11 east 20 miles to highway 502. Turn north to Dryden 90 miles, then highway 17 west 25 miles to Vermilion Bay. Next take highway 105 north 110 miles to Red Lake.  2 miles south of Red Lake take highway  125, just in front of the Shell Oil dealership.  Follow the highway toward Cochenour.  After passing the 2 turnoffs to Balmertown, watch for the Nungesser road. (there is a big blue truck garage right beside the road)  Turn right onto the Nungesser road and travel for 45 miles.  Watch on the left for a sign that reads    STORMER LAKE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CENTER.  Turn left onto this road and travel half a mile to a small road off to the right (the only one)  Turn right onto this road and drive on down to the lake.  You are now at our landing and I will be there shortly to pick you up.  If you miss the turnoff from the Nungesser road, you will end up passing a lake on your left and you will see a sign for STORMER WILDERNESS CAMP.  You have gone too far, turn around and go back half a mile.  (see map)
      Another great
      Our Conservation Policy
      Our pristine lakes have very limited fishing pressure and it is our wish to preserve the fantastic quality of this precious resource. To this end we have adopted the following fishing restrictions: no one is to harm in any way a Walleye over 18 inches or a Northern over 27 inches. These fish represent our breeding stock and must immediately be returned to the water after catching. Grab ONE quick photo, but do not put the fish on a stringer or delay its return to the water. We encourage fishing barbless as it reduces the mortality rate when catching and releasing fish. It's possible to catch and release hundreds of fish per day. We invite you to eat your fill of smaller fish but allow no take home fish at all.

    How to make reservations
    Contact us for available dates. Tentative arrangements can be made by phone but all firm reservations require a deposit ( $200 US per person) at the time of reservation. Deposits are transferable on 60 day notice, but not refundable. Personal cheques are accepted for deposits only. The balance must be paid in full with traveler's cheques or cash at the end of the trip. Our location is such that we do not have a large volume of traffic past our facilities. We must depend on advance reservations. Once we reserve a trip, we remove it from the market refusing all other requests. A booking must be accompanied by a deposit within 2 weeks- if not, the trip is opened up to other canoers. Our policy is intended to be fair to our guests, yet prevent the loss of income to our business.


    Additional information and references can be obtained by contacting:
    Loon Haunt Logo -
                              Loon Call
    Loon Haunt Outfitters
    P.O. Box 1344, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada P0V 2M0.
    Phone: 807-735-2400 (October 1 - May 14),
    807-773-5564 (May 15 - September 30).

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