Fishing fly in outposts
 North of Red Lake, Ontario Canada at
Loon Haunt Outposts
the finest in Canadian fly in fishing for
Walleye and Northern Pike

Please note:  We are the place that specializes in groups of 2.
  We do not charge extra and we do not limit when you can come.
 We love groups of 2 at our main camp and our outposts.
 We have one outpost that only takes groups of 2. Please check us out.

Welcome... Looking to fish Canada? or more specifically try fly out fishing north of Red Lake Ontario

-- a Canadian fly-in fishing trip to Loon Haunt's remote outpost cabins for Walleye and Northern Pike is the trip of a lifetime. Red Lake is a popular fly out center at the end of the highway, 200 miles north of International Falls, Minnesota.

We operate five fly-in outpost camps north of Red Lake Ontario, Canada, and offer the very finest in Walleye and Northern Pike fishing. We fly from Red Lake to our outposts located from as little
 as 30 miles north to as much as 70 miles north.

The following pages give details on each location as well as pictures of our remote outpost cabins. This site takes a while to load but we believe you will find it worth the wait. We have added links to more information on each location as well as our annual newsletter. 

Thank you

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Goose Lake
65 miles northeast of Red Lake.

See this map for lake details.

Goose Lake
            Camp on the Berens River

Our Goose Lake camp is 65 miles northeast of Red Lake, Ontario. The only camp on this lake, we have outstanding Walleye and Northern fishing and offer a portage out trip to neighboring Nechigona Lake for our more adventurous guests. Goose Lake is about 7 square miles and offers a real diversity of fishing opportunities: plenty of structure, steep drop-offs, weedy bays, sunken reefs, and gravel beds. 

We, Bill and Louise are the resident caretakers and will look after all your needs. Our practice of accepting a maximum of 24 guests at one time assures you of privacy and personalized service.

More info on Goose Lake

Monroe Lake
30 miles northwest of Red Lake.

See this map for lake details.

            Canada at Monroe Lake Outpost

This two room outpost is the only cabin on Monroe Lake and is located on a small island that has an outstanding view of the lake. The island is also home to a pair of loons who nest on it every year as do a pair of mergansers. Constructed of horizontal tongue and groove 2x6 pine boards, this cozy cabin will sleep six. There is a walk in pantry with ample shelving for storage and a shower area with wash basin. Boats are 14 foot Alumarines with dependable 6 hp Yamaha outboards (plus one spare motor). The boats are stored on the boat ramp for ease of launching. Monroe Lake boasts two portage-out lakes, one to the west (West Lake) and one to the south (U Lake). Both portage lakes have boats and motors ready and waiting for you. 

More info on Monroe

Poirier Lake
50 miles northeast of Red Lake.

See this map for lake details.

Fishing Canada at Poirier Lake Outpost

Bill built the cabin on Poirier Lake using frame construction and pine siding in the Spring of 1994 to accommodate parties of two only. It is the only cabin on this Walleye and Northern lake. The three room cabin has a separate bedroom with two single beds that can be rolled together for couples. A large kitchen/dining area and a bathroom with sink and shower complete the cabin. A spacious attached deck holds the propane barbecue. Poirier Lake also features a boat ramp, a floating dock, and a 14 foot Alumarine boat with a 6 hp Yamaha motor.

More info on Poirier

Unnamed Lake
46 miles northwest of Red Lake.
See this map for lake details.

Fishing Canada for Walleye and Northern Pike

This spacious one room cabin will accommodate eight in comfort. It was built in 1984 by Bill using horizontal tongue and groove 2x6 construction. Our cabin is the only one on Unnamed Lake so you will have complete privacy. The lake is well sheltered, being almost like a chain of small lakes about 10 miles long with numerous bays and narrows where Walleye and Northern are found. There is a portage out lake for more Walleye and Northern action. The 14 foot Lund and Alumarine boats are teamed with 9.9 hp Johnson motors (one for each boat plus a spare). Two large boat ramps facilitate easy launching.

More info on Unnamed

Whitelaw Lake
72 miles northeast of Red Lake.

See this map for lake details.

            Lake Outpost for Canadian fly in fishing

This roomy cabin is a new log construction for 98 with two bedrooms that will accommodate six people. Whitelaw runs a little deeper than our other Walleye/Northern lakes. The dark stained water makes for an incredible Walleye population and great fishing at any time of day. A favourite fishing spot is directly in front of the cabin at the base of a burbling rapids. Boats are 14 foot Alumarines with 6 hp Yamaha outboards and a spare. There are no other camps on the lake and we also have one portage-out lake to explore. The water at Whitelaw fluctuates a great deal but this causes no problem as we have our boat launch ramp and a floating dock.

More info on Whitelaw

Who We Are

We are owners, Bill and Louise Coppen, of Loon Haunt Outposts and have been entertaining guests with warm northern hospitality for more than 35 years.  In 2017 we decided to introduce some new blood and welcomed Ryan Scott onboard.  It is our plan to gradually do less and less while Ryan does more and more.

We take an active interest in our guests and feel fortunate over the years to be able to earn a living surrounded by people we enjoy. We bring to our work a wealth of experience and genuine love for what we do. No problem is too big or too small for Bill to handle. An accomplished bush pilot with thousands of hours, he makes flying our bush plane look easy as he handles the many flights of the season. Louise is more at home on the ground and will cheerfully help with locating fish, day to day camp chores, and even with a fish filleting lesson! Nothing is more important than the chance to visit with our guests and share a story or solve the world's problems.

How To Reach Us

Map to fishing

By car.
Leave the United States at International Falls, Minnesota.
Take highway 11 east 20 miles to highway 502.
Turn north to Dryden 90 miles
Then take Highway 17 west 25 miles to Vermilion Bay.
Next take highway 105 north 110 miles to Red Lake.

By air.
Fly to Red Lake Airport's (Winnipeg Chart) 5000' x 150' paved runway.
Lighted, (08-26), Strobes, V.A.S.I., N.D.B.---218, call Winnipeg Radio 122.3, V.O.R. 114.0 (D.M.E.).
Geographic coordinates 51°04.0' N, 93°47.58' W.

For air travel, contact Red Lake Travel Services at 1-800-465-3305.

Mileages - Red Lake to:
International Falls, MN - 250 miles
Minneapolis, MN - 520 miles
Des Moines, IA - 840 miles
Chicago, IL - 900 miles
Kansas City, KS - 1,050 miles

Just the Facts

A Sunset
              Country sunset

We supply
All outposts are equipped with boats, motors, unlimited gasoline, comfortable beds with innerspring mattresses, pillows, pots and pans, dishes, utensils, and cutlery. The cabins feature solar electric lights,  propane stove, refrigerator, and deep freeze, as well as hot and cold running water with showers, a gas grill and emergency communication radios.

You bring
All groceries for the entire week, Ontario fishing licence,
fishing tackle, rain gear, and personal needs.

Ontario fishing licences and outdoor cards can be purchased online by clicking here

Flying in and out
Your air transportation is prearranged for your flight to the outpost of your choice. Flights originate from Red Lake with one of our local air services.

Our Conservation Policy

Our pristine lakes have very limited fishing pressure and it is our wish to preserve the fantastic quality of this precious resource. To this end we have adopted the following fishing restrictions: no one is to harm in any way a Walleye over 18 inches or a Northern over 27 inches. These fish represent our breeding stock and must immediately be returned to the water after catching. Grab ONE quick photo, but do not put the fish on a stringer or delay its return to the water. We encourage fishing barbless as it reduces the mortality rate when catching and releasing fish. It's possible to catch and release hundreds of fish per day.

We invite you to eat your fill of smaller fish but allow no take home fish at all.

 Woman Falls
              into Goose Lake

How to make reservations

Please contact us for available dates. Tentative arrangements can be made by phone but all firm reservations require a deposit ($300 US per person) at the time of reservation. Deposits are transferable with 60 days notice, but not refundable. Personal cheques are accepted for deposits only. The balance must be paid in full with a cashier's cheque or cash before leaving camp. Our location is such that we do not have a large volume of traffic past our facilities. We must depend on advance reservations. Once we reserve a cabin, we remove it from the market refusing all other requests. A booking must be accompanied by a deposit within 2 weeks -- if not, the cabin is opened up to other fishermen. Our policy is intended to be fair to our guests, yet prevent the loss of income to our business.

Make 2018 the year for experiencing a fly-in fishing trip.

Stop wishin' and come fishin'!

Loon Haunt Outposts
P.O. Box 1344, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada P0V 2M0.
Phone: 807-735-2400 (October 1 - May 14),
807-773-5564 (May 15 - September 30).


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