New Fish House at Goose Lake

After completing the new service building we still needed a fish house. We decided to try to consolidate all activities using water in one building.  The new fish house will combine fish cleaning, minnow sales and the ice machine.

We purchased a container load of smaller logs  (4 1/4 by 6 1/4 inches)

We had the logs cut to length for vertical log construction.

We laid out a base round of treated 6X6 because we know the building will have shifting problems

The large room at the back will be for fish cleaning and the front room will be for minnows

The logs are predrilled and held together with 3/8 X 10 inch lag screws

The rooms will have an open ceiling until we get time to put a ceiling in the fish cleaning room.

We hired 2 men from Pikangikum to help(William Pascal and Livio Dunsford). The construction technique was new to them but they caught on right away.

We arranged for the roof lines to match and used the same roofing, windows and doors.

We finished the exterior and then left for town at the end of September just in time to go to British Columbia to help harvest the hay crop at our daughter and son in law's dairy farm.

We left a walkway along the front of the new building to match the existing building

Spring 06

The new fish house.

The new look, with the old service building gone

The old service building going

The Wall

With the dismantling of the old service building we were left with a large void in our service area and an open view of our service items. (Fuel drums, propane tanks, extra motors etc)

We increased our deck area and constructed a wall.

We filled in part of the area of the old service building.

A new area for group photos.

Plenty of room in the service area.

The new look from the lake.

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